While we are expert mechanics across the board, we certainly specialise specifically in some makes of vehicle and Mazda is right up there! With a combined experience of almost 10 years working on Mazdas including attending multiple make-specific training courses, we are the best dealer alternative. Our experience and knowledge means efficient and effective solutions to Mazda problems and avoiding hours of unnecessary labour.

Rx8 not starting like it used to?

Having turbo issues with your late-model Rx7?

Worried about the specifics of your Mazda rotary engine? Don’t be!

If you love your Mazda, then bring it to Cream Automotive for some real care and attention. Our full range of services applies, complemented by our in-depth make-specific experience means you will get your Mazda back in even better shape than before!

Whether simple, Mazda-specific minor repairs to full Mazda rotary engine rebuilding, our porting options will have it performing better than ever. Ask us about our rotary engine performance upgrades and even “for purpose” race applications, e.g. circuit, drift or drag.

Call 0431 307 265 today to speak to a Mazda trained professional, we’d love to hear from you. Alternatively send us an enquiry.